Personal Training

Personal Training at FitLife takes you a step beyond the normal fitness routine. Personal training provides you the most effective and time efficient workout available. Individualized fitness programming for strength training, muscle toning, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, balance and sport-specific conditioning are available. We also offer personalized nutrition counseling and diet analysis.

We establish an action plan for achieving your goals, and work with you each training session in accomplishing your fitness goals. The cost is $50. per 1-hour training session and discounts are available when you purchase one of our multi-session packages. We are a Healthy Choice program. For Blue Choice discount pricing, click here.

All it takes is a little time and a genuine commitment to yourself and your trainer. Give personal training a try today. To contact a FitLife trainer, click here.

10 1-hour sessions for just $450.

“Staying fit with Carol is an enjoyable challenging experience. She changes the program to keep me us interested. Her enthusiasm and experience of all aspects of physical training and nutrition has improved my over all physical ability such that I am a better golfer, runner, and biker than I ever have been. I also look and feel better about myself than I have in many years.” - Val

“I have Scleroderma and Carol has helped me go from having to walk with a cane and having excessive joint pain to regaining my ability to walk and enjoy the physical aspects of life that I have not been able to enjoy for the several years.” - Kay

“Previously, I had tried numerous exercise programs. None of them helped me achieve the long range results I was looking for. Carol Murphy was the first trainer to provide me with a plan that worked. It has combined resistance training, aerobic exercise, flexibility training, and nutrition. I believe an outstanding trainer has to be able to coach, educate, and motivate. Carol Murphy succeeds across the board. I have been continuously working with Carol since the summer of 1998 and I am looking forward to training with her for years to come!” - Jim

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