Carol Murphy

Carol Murphy is owner and fitness director of FitLife in Rochester, New York. She is a member of the ACE Academy as a Continuing Education Specialist, and Instructor Coordinator for Silver Sneakers®. Carol is also a Circle of Excellence Master Trainer for Resist-A-Ball™ and a Reebok University Master Trainer. Murphy is an international presenter and star of her own DVD fitness series Total Body Fit with Carol Murphy.

Reebok University

The Reebok University Master Trainer faculty is comprised of some of the world's foremost health, fitness and sports experts.

Reebok and Reebok University are leaders in fitness and sports education, providing the highest quality programming and the most experienced and inspirational presenters. From STEP Reebok to Reebok Core Training, Reebok has and will continue to dominate the future of fitness. It is Reebok's mission to continue as leader in the development of innovative programming that is backed by scientific research and presented by the most qualified trainers.

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Carol in the Media
2003 Manuscript Reviewer for ACE book Stability Ball Training
Oct. 2003 Energy Magazine feature article - “Pilates Ball Fusion Top Trend”
Oct. 2003 BodyHolidayOnlineMagazine article - “Pilates Ball Fusion Interview”
Nov. 2003 ACE Certified News interview - “Continuing Education”
Dec. 2003 IDEA Source article - “Circuit Training Workouts”


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