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Welcome to, home of FitLife! Carol is Owner and Fitness Director of FitLife, based in Rochester, New York. We offer workshops all around the world, group exercise sessions, and personal training. Carol is a Reebok University Master Trainer and has been a guest presenter at numerous fitness conferences and conventions.

A renowned, world-class, trainer with decades of experience, Carol is available for a wide range of workshops and certifications, including Step Dance Mix, Pilates, and the courses listed on the Resist-A-Ball site. She can help you get fit, stay in shape, or become a trainer yourself!

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Every Day Fit! on the Ball - DVD on Sale Now!

Carol Murphy's Total Body Fit DVD Workout series debuts with her first DVD Every Day Fit on the Ball!

Every Day Fit! is one of the most innovative workouts in fitness today! This Stability Ball workout will have your spirits soaring as you rock and roll into fitness. The cardio ball segment gets your heart pumping with challenging total body strength work that emphasizes core training. This calorie burning, muscle conditioning program will give you the fit, healthy body you want in a workout that feels like play!

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Our mission at FitLife is to improve the quality of people's lives through the joy of exercise, to instill hope and empower each life that we touch directly or indirectly,with the belief that it is within their reach. Keep in mind that to truly achieve quality of life, one must have a complete coordination of mind, body and spirit.

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